Review: Patriots Day

I was at my mom’s apartment when I heard about what happened in Boston on April 2013. I believe I heard about the news via CNN and watched the coverage of what happened as best I could.

Practically, everyone should remember where they were during the events of a terrorist attack. Director Peter Berg, writers Matt Cook and Joshua Zetumer with Paul Tamasy and Eric Johnson dive deep into the accounts of the remarkable individuals who lived through and witnessed the Boston Marathon bombings firsthand and Patriots Day is a methodical step-by-step recollection of the events that transpired in the development, calamity, manhunt and the aftermath.

Patriots Day is undoubtedly compelling in its execution. It is designed to ratchet up the suspense in the opening moments introducing the major players who had key involvement throughout the ordeal such as Tommy Saunders, Commissioner Ed Davis, Sergeant Jeff Pugliese, Governor Deval Patrick, Patrick Downes, Jessica Kensky, Special Agent Rick DesLauriers, Officer Sean Collier and of course the Tsarnaev brothers and then when the bombs go off, everything simply kicks into high gear and everything that follows is just non-stop suspense that holds your attention and doesn’t let go until the falling action when the remaining bomber is captured and taken into custody. This is a movie that makes you feel as though you’re there witnessing what happens for yourself rather than what you saw on the news and I found this a very intense recreation and a beautiful tribute to the victims, the responders and the officials who wouldn’t stop until justice was done.

I especially liked the fact that this project was something that the cast was 100% invested in. Mark Wahlberg is a Boston native and I could tell he gave everything he had into his performance and the supporting cast is equally excellent. John Goodman, J.K. Simmons, Michelle Monaghan, Kevin Bacon, Jimmy O’Yang, Jake Picking, Lana Condor, Melissa Benoist, Alex Wolff, Themo Melikidze, Michael Beach, I couldn’t pick out a weak performance if I tried or wanted to.

Tobias A. Schliessler’s cinematography was spot on, the editing of Gabriel Fleming and Colby Parker Jr. was crisp and clean, especially in handling the multiple points-of-view from the many pivotal characters, I cannot say much about the score of Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross; particularly because I was so fixated on the plot and the action that I couldn’t notice the music to accompany the film, I liked the production design and the costumes since it strived for accuracy and authenticity.

I believe this was the first time I watched a film from director Peter Berg and I felt as though I had to watch Patriots Day in theaters because this was a story that took everyone by the ear when the bombings took place almost four years ago. I hope that everyone takes a moment and sees this picture because it’s compelling, it’s entertaining, it’s a story about resilience, justice, strength in the face of fear and it’s relevant to everyone.

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