Movies of the Week: Florence Foster Jenkins and Hell or High Water

I think I’ve seen enough films for kids and young adults for this summer, at least for now. I think it’s time I turn my attention toward films that are geared for more mature audiences and as it happens, there are two films of such nature. Based on the true story about an underdog with appeal, Florence Foster Jenkins stars the incredible Meryl Streep as an aspiring opera singer who dreams of making it big but there is just one problem: she can’t hold a quality note to save her skin yet audiences of her time can’t get enough of her.

What am I expecting to see?: At this point, you should be aware that I’m down for anything related to Meryl Streep and honestly this looks fascinating in of itself. Stephen Frears, director of Oscar-caliber features such as The Queen and Philomena, may have a film with substance worth seeing this summer and I could use anything substantive at this point. Rounding out the cast includes Hugh Grant, Simon Helberg, Rebecca Ferguson, Nina Arianda and Christian McKay and I hope Florence Foster Jenkins strikes a different chord compared to most films I’ve seen the past few weeks.

The second half of my intended weekend double-feature is a western, of sorts from the writer Taylor Sheridan and director David McKenzie called Hell or High Water. This film made a name for itself at Cannes a while back, following a fraternal tandem of bank robbers determined to clear their mother’s medical debts and save their farm in Texas, but these brothers have a grizzled lawman nipping at their heels hell-bent on bringing the law to these outlaws.

What am I expecting to see: Sicario introduced Taylor Sheridan’s screenwriting and that movie’s writing was superb. I caught wind of Hell or High Water a few months ago and I was immediately interested in seeing it. Granted this movie may be flying under the radar but maybe that could be a good thing, I’m not seeing a so-called “blockbuster” for once. Jeff Bridges, Chris Pine, Ben Foster, Buck Taylor, Kristen Berg make up the cast of this cops-and-robbers drama. I hope Hell or High Water, is a riveting change of pace.


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