Brie Larson Joins The Avengers as Captain Marvel

Fans have been speculating, wondering, and waiting to see who would take the lead in Marvel’s upcoming superhero feature led by a leading lady. Comic Con put the speculation to rest with an announcement of slam-dunk proportions. Captain Marvel has been cast and the role has been won by none other than recent Academy Award winner Brie Larson!


Image By dorothy (Brie Larson @ the SXSW premiere of Don Jon), via Wikimedia Commons

Carol Danvers was created in 1968, appearing in Marvel Super-Heroes #13 — a Captain Marvel story — as an American security officer working alongside Captain Mar-Vell, an alien sent to study the planet Earth. She debuted as the super-powered character Ms. Marvel in the pages of Marvel Comics after her human DNA was fused with genes from the alien race known as the Kree. She went on to inherit the title of Captain Marvel in 2012-Entertainment Weekly

Like landing Benedict Cumberbatch for Doctor Strange and Chadwick Boseman for Black Panther, this is a genuine slam-dunk casting for Marvel. Larson is months away from receiving her Oscar for delivering one of the best acting performances of 2015 in the highly acclaimed Room, but she is, or will be, known for other notable roles.

She’s been doing excellent work for years, ranging from indies like Short Term 12 and The Spectacular Now to studio pictures like Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. Most recently she shot a co-starring role in the upcoming blockbuster Kong: Skull Island, and she’s currently filming another indie drama called The Glass Castle that reunites her with her Short Term 12 director Destin Daniel Cretton.-Collider


Image by Marvel Studios

At present, Captain Marvel is scouting potential fits for director but a screenplay is in place courtesy of Meg LeFauve and Nicole Perlman. Captain Marvel will make it into theaters by March 8, 2019 but Larson could be introduced into the Marvel Cinematic Universe sooner via The Avengers: Infinity Wars.


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