Movies of the Week: The Legend of Tarzan & The BFG

Edgar Rice Burroughs and Roald Dahl’s classic tales are of particular interest to me this week for their characters are coming to the big screen in the biggest ways possible. The Lord of the Apes is called back to the jungles of Africa when miners are putting the jungle in peril. The Legend of Tarzan finds its title character living a peaceful life in London with his wife Jane, but the call of the wild echoes from the heart of Africa and Tarzan must put his peaceful life behind him to return to the home he grew up in and preserve the peace and balance he built.

What am I expecting to see from The Legend of Tarzan?: David Yates closed out the final Harry Potter installments with aplomb and this looks like a twist on Tarzan I have not seen before. This movie certainly looks like it is not lacking on star power with names such as Margot Robbie, Samuel L. Jackson, Christoph Waltz, Casper Crump, Djimon Hounsou, Jim Broadbent and the title character played by Alexander Skarsgård. I’m intrigued by this movie but it could be boom or bust, so let’s see how it will turn out shall we?

Steven Spielberg will bring his acclaimed talents to Disney in his adaptation of Roald Dahl’s novel about a young girl who strikes a rather friendly acquaintanceship with a man whose heart is as big as a full-sized man (literally). The BFG is the tale of a young girl named Sophie who is whisked away into a fantastical realm occupied by giants, who have an appetite for children, but Sophie’s abductor has no interest in eating children. The giant is a kind soul who wants to befriend Sophie and protect her from the other big mean giants.

What am I expecting to see from The BFG?: If movie lovers such as myself can count on anything, it is the range of Steven Spielberg’s range as a visual storyteller. You can bet that he found the right style/tone to bring Roald Dahl’s magical adventure to life. Mark Rylance just won an Oscar for his role in Spielberg’s last feature and he looks ready to carry his momentum onto his next collaboration with the legendary director and his rapport with young Ruby Barnhill looks utterly adorable. I’ve heard great things about The BFG and I know that this will be above-average.


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