My Number 5 Movie of 2015 is:

Since I started this blog a few years ago, I have always posted my top five films of the year a few days after the new year and usually they have been feature-films. Last year I made an effort to see at least one documentary and that documentary made a lasting impression. I unveil my top five of 2015 with the incredible documentary titled Amy.

Image by A24

Synopsis: The life and career of the incredible late soul-singer Amy Winehouse through the eyes of her friends, family and never before seen footage. Amy gives audiences a glimpse into the Grammy-winner artist from the beginning, her rise to stardom to her own self-destructive demise at the hands of her demons refusing to relinquish her addiction to drugs and drink. Amy resurrects the soul of the amazing soul-singer only to have audiences relive the drama of her downfall, but this time providing answers as to what went wrong.

Director: Asif Kapadia

Cast: Amy Winehouse (archive footage), Tony Bennett, Mark Ronson, Mitch Winehouse, Yaslin Bey

Crew: Chris King (editor), Antonio Pinto (music), Raquel Alvarez and Miranda Jones (production management)


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