Movie of the Week: Carol

May I be honest? I’ve only seen one film from acclaimed Oscar nominated director Todd Haynes and I didn’t particularly get it, but I’m willing to give Haynes one more try with his latest project. A period piece about an unconventional romance blossoming between one half of a marriage turning sour and a department store clerk who dreams of a better life. 1950s New York serves as the backdrop for Carol, a same-sex couple romance based on Patricia Highsmith’s novel.

What am I expecting to see?: Ever since this debuted at Cannes this summer, Carol has been showered with glowing praise and acclaim and since I’ve been keeping tabs on this film, I feel that this film will be a certifiable Oscar contender. Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara are fine actresses and I believe they will be back at the Oscars come February, carried by the vehicle that is Carol. I expect Carol to be a poignant and insightful drama with two distinguished leading performances by Blanchett and Mara and I think this movie may change my impression of Todd Haynes’ film style.


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