Movie of the Week: Suffragette

It seems that I am currently on a biopic kick at the moment, in terms of the films I am reviewing. This week, a movie I have been keeping an eye on for a while now is finally getting released. This dramatic biopic is the story of a collection of ordinary individuals who took drastic steps to be heard and their cause inspired others, and ultimately, these figures changed the world. The hook: these figures were women and these women were fighting for the righteous cause to cast their vote. Directed by Sarah Gavron, written by Abi Morgan and starring Oscar nominees Carey Mulligan, Helena Bonham Carter and Oscar winner Meryl Streep, this is Suffragette.

What am I expecting to see?: For the last few months I’ve been reading about how women are treated unfairly in the entertainment industry, how there is a lack of opportunities for women directors and writers, how there is a pay gap between actors and actresses and in that time I kept thinking that a movie like Suffragette has the potential to open the door to possibly change things because this looks like a movie tailor made for women audiences, it is directed, written by and starring women, but truthfully this looks like an amazing film. I think Carey Mulligan will give a shining performance, and I hope Suffragette ranks among the best films of the year.


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