Movie of the Week: The Martian

Today NASA made a major announcement regarding finding something on our red next door neighbor in the solar system. This weekend, I will be seeing a feature involving NASA, Mars and Academy Award nominated actor Matt Damon in a role where his character is in need of rescuing (again). Ridley Scott’s new feature The Martian, stars Damon as Astronaut Matt Watney, who is mistakenly left for dead after a gnarly storm forces Watney’s crew to abort their manned mission on Mars. Watney is left stranded on the Red Planet and must use every resource and survival technique at his disposal to survive and alert NASA that he is still alive and incite a rescue mission to get him home.

What am I expecting to see?: Last week, I saw a few plot comparisons between Gravity and Everest. This week when I take a glance at The Martian, I see a few similarities to Gravity as well as Interstellar considering the plot and setting of Ridley Scott’s new sci-fi drama, based on Andy Weir’s bestselling novel, adapted to the screen by Drew Goddard. Ridley Scott’s recent films have been hit-or-miss but The Martian has been drawing a lot of acclaim and the cast is quite deep and diverse, including Jessica Chastain, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Jeff Daniels, Kate Mara, Donald Glover, Sebastian Stan, Michael Peña, Kirsten Wiig and Sean Bean. The Martian seems like a movie to go into with low expectations considering Ridley Scott’s recent track record, but I will wait and see if this movie lives up to the hype it’s generating.


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