Movie of the week: Tomorrowland

This week, my eye is on one of the most cryptic summer blockbuster’s of the year. All that I know about Brad Bird’s new film Tomorrowland is that it stars George Clooney, Britt Robinson, Hugh Laurie, Tim McGraw and the film follows cues from classics such as The Wizard of Oz and the imagination of Disney’s namesake. This movie has been kept under wraps since post-production and not a lot of details have been divulged about it except that the theme of Tomorrowland is a theme about fighting for the future.

What am I expecting to see?: The last time Disney was in bed with Brad Bird, The Incredibles happened. I enjoyed The Incredibles and even though I have no clue what Tomorrowland is about, I think this is a movie I will enjoy. This movie looks visually-alluring and action packed, while containing a potential intelligence as well. I don’t know what I’m in for, but I think I’m in for a ride.


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