Movie of the week: True Story

A low key-thriller is this week’s featured film for this blog. In addition to catching up to last week’s intended feature, Child 44, this week I will attend a screening of True Story, written and directed by Robert Goold, based on the memoir of Michael Finkel. The film follows Finkel as he is ousted from the New York Times, trying to get back on his feet, when he receives a call from a man named Christian Mongo. Mongo assumes Finkel’s identity in an attempt to reach out and receive his assistance; he is about to face prison time for allegedly killing his family and Mongo believes that Finkel can play detective enough to find the truth.

What am I expecting to see?: At this point, I’m game for anything. Even a low-key thriller/crime-drama starring Oscar nominees Jonah Hill, James Franco and Felicity Jones. I feel that this won’t be so much as an enjoyable movie, so much as an enjoyable game of cloak and dagger between Hill and Franco. I believe this will be Goold’s first feature film and the fact that it is small in scale seems quite reassuring to me, somehow. I will review True Story as well as Child 44 this weekend so keep an eye out.

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