Movie of the week: Child 44

I think the lull is over. I finally found a movie that looks like it is worth seeing this week. Tom Hardy reunites with his Dark Knight Trilogy co-star Gary Oldman and his co-star from last year’s low-key crime thriller The Drop, Noomi Rapace in a new thriller set in Stalin-era Soviet Union. Based on the first installment of a series by Tom Rob Smith, Child 44 is a thriller, where Hardy plays a disgraced military police operative who takes up the challenge to investigate a rash of child-killings at the cost of his reputation and career. In this period of history, Stalin’s government believed the idea of a child serial-killer to be folly, but Leo Demidov, with the help of his wife Raisa, is determined to find the truth.

What am I expecting to see?: Truth be told, I want to see something gripping and this has the makings to tell a gripping story set in a time where the idea of the truth is censored, sort of. This feels like The Drop, moreso than The Dark Knight, but I found some appreciation when I saw The Drop a few months ago. Screenwriter Richard Price has an Oscar nomination to his name from The Color of Money and Daniel Espinosa has experience with films such as Safe House, so the tandem should have the competence to make this feature respectable, which would be a huge improvement over all of the films released thus far. I won’t go into Child 44 with high expectations, but I will be open minded.

Update: The review for this movie will have to be put on hold. It is currently not playing in a nearby area and I will have to relocate to find an available theater.

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