It appears Spider-Man will be a part of the Avengers Initiative after all

Spider-Man will be rebooted yet again

If I could sum up the Amazing Spider-Man franchise in one word, that word would be: disappointing. There were so many detractors as to why the franchise never took to audiences the way that the original Sam Raimi-Avi Arad trilogy did, but quite simply, the franchise never really caught fire with audiences and critics. After The Amazing Spider-Man 2, the franchise which explored the early years of Peter Parker and his connection to his parent’s work at Oscorp, was left in a state of suspended animation; Marc Webb and Andrew Garfield expressed that they would not see the franchise through, the Sinister Six movie was in turnaround, there was no way of knowing whether or not Shailene Woodley would sign on as Mary Jane Watson in future films and there was talk of a potential Venom movie down the road and now, all of that is potentially wasted. Assuredly so, because New York’s friendly neighborhood wall-crawler will no longer be under Sony’s banner. Spider-Man is coming home to Marvel, where he will be given yet another reboot but this time, he will have a role to play in the grand Avengers Initiative.

Spider-Man could make his Avengers Initiative debut in Captain America: Civil War next summer

In an announcement confirming the move, Spider-Man will be recast and the new Spider-Man film will arrive in theaters on July 28, 2017. There is speculation that the character will make his Marvel Cinematic Universe debut in Captain America: Civil War next summer. The announcement also indicates that the release dates of several Phase Three features will be shuffled around to accommodate the new Spider-Man reboot; Thor: Ragnarok will be pushed back to November 3, 2017 and Black Panther will move up to July 6, 2017. This is certainly an exciting lineup Marvel is assembling!


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