Movie of the week: American Sniper

Clint Eastwood is a vintage American icon in cinema. Whether starring, directing or producing, he draws a crowd and he should because his reputation renowned. In 2014, in a limited capacity, he brought the story of the most lethal sniper in American history to the big screen, starring Bradley Cooper. Chris Kyle has been to the Middle East and back and his trigger finger has stacked up quite the body count. American Sniper tells his story about how he has coped with having so much blood on his hands after serving in the line of duty, in quite suspenseful fashion.

What am I expecting to see?: Like Selma from last week, this is also a film from 2014 campaigning for an Oscar run and with a legendary cinematic figure as the director and Bradley Cooper in a promisingly excellent portrayal of a remarkable real-life figure, it’s possible that this could be a late-entrant for the Oscars this year. Jason Hall writing the screenplay based on the book by Chris Kyle, Scott McEwen and James Defelice, a supporting cast including Sienna Miller, Troy Vincent, Cole Konis and Kyle Gallner, cinematography by Tom Stern, editing by Joel Cox and Gary Roach, I think American Sniper looks like the suspenseful motion picture it promises itself to be. I’m not expecting much, but I think this could surprise people.


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