Movies of the week: The Imitation Game and Wild (Updated)

I wish to apologize to all of the Sherlock fans who read this blog but my thoughts regarding Benedict Cumberbatch are quite frank: he’s too good for television. In fact, I think he will have his chance to prove that he is too good for television in the upcoming WWII biopic The Imitation Game. Adapted to the screen courtesy of Graham Moore and directed by Morten Tyldum, Cumberbatch is portraying renowned mathematician and cryptanalysis Alan Turing, who leads a team of code-breakers to decipher an algorithm called the Enigma Code, in the hopes to turn the tide during Great Britain’s darkest days of World War II.

What am I expecting to see?: There are rumblings that this film could make a formidable Oscar campaign courtesy of Morten Tyldum, Graham Moore and Benedict Cumberbatch. There have certainly been a number of World War II cinematic stories over the past two years, but this one is relatively obscure in my own opinion, so I’m fascinated to see how this movie unfolds. I’m interested to see what the supporting cast including Keira Knightley, Mark Strong and Matthew Goode bring to the table. The Imitation Game could be one of the most intriguing films of the year.

I just received confirmation that another anticipated film on my radar is in my grasp. Reese Witherspoon stars in an un-daunting tale of penance in Wild. Jean-Marc Vallée, director of the Oscar winning Dallas Buyers Club, adapts the incredible true story of Cheryl Strayed and her journey to redeem herself from her path of self-destruction by actually trekking the Pacific Trail, a 1000 mile hiking trail alone.

What am I expecting to see?: I was very impressed with Jean-Marc Vallée’s vision of Dallas Buyers Club last year and Wild could be one of the few films that could deliver a defining leading lady performance by Reese Witherspoon. This year, it seems as if there have been a multitude of great actors in motion pictures and I want Witherspoon to represent the ladies well in this possibly Oscar-worthy feature. I expect another well-done motion picture directed by Jean-Marc Vallée, I expect a beautifully intense cinematic narrative from Nick Hornby and Cheryl Strayed, and I hope Wild is a film that has weight.


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