Movie of the week: “Gone Girl”

I’ve never seen an episode of Masterpiece Theater, and I wonder if they have done any murder mysteries or stories of disappearance in their tenure? I wonder if they are remarkably entertaining? I hope to have a similar experience of watching a murder-mystery on Masterpiece Theater when it comes to this week’s feature film, “Gone Girl.” David Fincher’s latest film is an adaptation of a popular novel by Gillian Flynn, who happens to be the screenwriter, about a man named Nick Dunne. Dunne’s life is turned upside down after his wife, Amy, mysteriously disappears and slowly he becomes the prime suspect in her disappearance as details of the couple’s married life, from Amy’s perspective, begin to come to light. Nick vehemently claims his innocence but the evidence is stacking up against him and the people around him, observing him are slowly doing the same.

What am I expecting to see?: I’ve steadily become a fan of David Fincher’s work since I caught on to him in “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button,” and I hold “The Social Network” very highly in my own perspective of the cinematic elite, and from my position, it looks as if he is going to come out with another high quality work that looks stimulating thematically, visually hypnotizing with an intriguing narrative. Ben Affleck looks as if he could give a solid performance and the supporting cast of Rosamund Pike, Tyler Perry, Neil Patrick Harris, Sela Ward and Kim Dickens seem interesting to say the least. I’m excited to see Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross returning to collaborate with Fincher as they contribute the score of this movie as well as Jeff Cronenweth contributing to the cinematography after working with Fincher over the years. I expect “Gone Girl” to be a Best Picture contender at the Oscars. I’ve been looking forward to this for a while and I have high expectations.


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