Dwayne Johnson joins the DC Universe

Dwayne Johnson is probably as happy as a kid in a comic store, because he is finally going to be a comic book movie

For some time now, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has expressed significant interest in taking part of a superhero movie. In fact, he was a finalist for the role of Drax the Destroyer for “Guardians of the Galaxy,” before Dave Bautista landed the role. He was also rumored to have a role in “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice” until talks fell through (aside: I thought he would be perfect as the Martian Manhunter). Now, it seems as if he has finally got his wish as he has finally landed a part in an upcoming superhero feature.

The Rock is Black Adam and that means: a “Shazam” movie is on its way. New Line will produce the film, with Johnson and Hiram Garcia in charge of the production, and Darren Lemke will pen the screenplay. Lemke’s body of work includes “Turbo,” and “Jack the Giant Slayer.” Johnson will have his hands full in the next few years with upcoming works such as the next “Fast and Furious” movie and “G.I. Joe 3.”

Shazam, previously known as Captain Marvel until confusion with the Marvel character of the same name forced a name change, is a DC hero who has the power of six mythical gods, ranging from super strength, speed, flight, invulnerability, but what sets him apart from other heroes is that his alter-ego, is a teenage boy named Billy Batson. Batson becomes Shazam, after he meets with an ancient sorcerer, who believes Batson has the makings of a great champion to protect Earth, all Batson has to do to become his alter-ego is say his name: “SHAZAM!” Black Adam, is Shazam’s nemesis; a man chosen by the sorcerer to become a champion thousands of years before Batson, but Adam was corrupted by the powers given to him and thought he would be a better ruler than a champion, so the wizard banished Adam to a distant moon, until Adam returned and he and Shazam would begin their conflict.

Word has it that Black Adam will fit the anti-hero persona, more than a straightforward villain but Johnson is excited to get this film going. The script is not complete yet, but once it is, New Line will give the green light for production. It should also buy time to find a director, production crew and round out the cast including Billy Batson, Shazam, the wizard, Uncle Dudley and the rest of Shazam’s mythology. No release date has been given as of yet.


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