Marvel’s Sorcerer Supreme will make the jump to the big screen

Speculation as to whether or not popular Marvel comic hero Dr. Strange is going to get his own film in the immediate future has just become concrete confirmation. The Sorcerer Supreme will be given his own feature film that will, possibly, be an installment in Phase 3 of Marvel’s Avengers Initiative. News has just broken regarding a development in terms of who will sit in the director’s chair and though sources report that a deal isn’t finalized, yet, horror director Scott Derrickson will helm the superhero film. Derrickson is known for frightening films such as “Sinister” and is about to unveil a new film this year called “Deliver Us from Evil.” In fact, Derrickson’s jump from horror to superhero feels as familiar as Sam Raimi jumping from his horror niche to direct his “Spider-Man” saga.

Dr. Strange will finally grace the silver screen in his own feature length motion picture.

In the Marvel mythology, Dr. Stephen Strange is a former neurosurgeon who loses the use of his hands after a tragic car accident. When no medical or scientific means proves useful in repairing them, Strange begins to turn to more unconventional practices when he seeks out a man called “The Ancient One” in the Himalayas, who opens his mind to a realm of spellbinding and sorcery, thus beginning his path to become Sorcerer Supreme, Earth’s protector against all malevolent magical entities. At this time, there is no word on who will write the film, star in it, nor has a release date been provided.


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