Movie of the week: “The Grand Budapest Hotel”

This week at the movies, the signature style of Wes Anderson returns in his latest feature, “The Grand Budapest Hotel” starring Ralph Fiennes, Saiorse Ronan, Bill Murray, Adrian Brody, Edward Norton and Tony Revolori. Ralph Fiennes is Gustav H., concierge of the luxurious Grand Budapest Hotel who suddenly becomes a person of interest when one of the hotel’s oldest patrons ends up dead and in her will, she leaves him a priceless work of art. Gustav, and his new inheritance, place him and his young protege/lobby boy Zero Moustafa, at the centerfold of a storm of intrigue, murder, madness and shot on screen in typical Wes Anderson style.

What am I expecting to see?: A typical Wes Anderson feature boasting beautiful cinematography and production design, a zany yet awkward story featuring rather peculiar characters. This film has the look of a good-time comedy that is well-written, entertaining from start to finish but visually beautiful simultaneously. The film features a very good-looking cast, blending actors who may have worked with Anderson previously such as Norton, Murray, Jason Schwartzman and Tilda Swinton with newcomers such as Tony Revolori and Saiorse Ronan. “The Grand Budapest Hotel,” looks promising, but I venture to see if it can deliver on what it promises.


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