The #3 movie of 2013 is…

“Gravity” is a pulse-pounding thriller that is well ahead of 2013’s curve


Synopsis: Considered the technical masterpiece of 2013, Alfonso Cuarón’s sci-fi thriller stars Oscar-winners George Clooney and Sandra Bullock as astronauts who are in a practically grave situation. Bullock is Dr. Ryan Stone, a medical engineer on a routine space-walk accompanied by Matt Kowalski, a veteran astronaut on his final walk before retirement. Suddenly a devastating wave of space debris collides with their space shuttle, sending Ryan spiraling into space and Kowalski attempts to pursue her. Unfortunately, the damage to the shuttle is catastrophic, there is no communication with Earth, their oxygen supply is running low, and their only hope of survival is an abandoned space-station thousands of miles from the location of their shuttle. If the shuttle has an escape pod capable of returning to Earth, it could be their only hope of survival. If not, there is no hope of survival.


Why is this movie #3?: “Gravity” is a revolutionary cinematic achievement for the genre of science-fiction in terms of visual effects, cinematography, sound, editing and this movie seems poised to earn Alfonso Cuarón a Best Director Academy Award nomination. Sandra Bullock gives an amazing solo performance and George Clooney is rock solid himself. Alfonso and his brother Jonas, have written a thoroughly and potent screenplay for a movie that is designed to assault the senses of the spectator and “Gravity” will earn the prestige of multiple Academy Award nominations. To reiterate: “Gravity” is a revolutionary cinematic achievement.


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