The #5 movie of 2013 is…

Lee Daniels’ ‘The Butler’

Lee Daniels’ latest cinematic project projects to one of the year’s best.

Synopsis: Examine the life of a White House butler named Cecil Gaines, played by Academy Award winner Forest Whitaker. This biopic spans Gaines’ days working on a cotton farm when he was a small boy to serving multiple Commanders in Chiefs from Dwight Eisenhower, played by Robin Williams, to John F. Kennedy, played by James Marsden, to Richard Nixon, played by John Cusack, to Ronald Reagan, played by Alan Rickman. The film not only explores Gaines’ professional career but his personal life such as his marriage to his wife Gloria, played by Oprah Winfrey, and his tumultuous relationship with his eldest son, played by David Oyelowo. “Lee Daniel’s ‘The Butler,”‘ takes Gaines’ character and uses his perspective to look at major events of recent American history.

What makes this film #5?: Academy Award nominated director Lee Daniels assembles an all star cast, under the tour-de-force leading performances of Forest Whitaker and Oprah Winfrey, and a superb screenplay written by Danny Strong and delivered his finest directorial work to date. Forest Whitaker gives an outstanding performance as Cecil Gaines and Oprah Winfrey is amazing as his wife Gloria and the true merit of this film is that it is a fascinating perspective through the Civil Rights era as audiences look through the eyes of a man who had a rare view on history as he watched and served multiple U.S. Presidents as America was changing and how those changes affected his world around him and at home. “Lee Daniels’ “The Butler”‘ is an extraordinary motion picture.

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