Review: Gravity

Dr. Ryan Stone, played by Academy Award winner Sandra Bullock (“The Blind Side,” “Miss Congeniality”), and veteran spacewalker Matt Kowalski, played by Academy Award winner George Clooney (“Syriana,” “Michael Clayton”), find themselves in a situation so frightening, screaming won’t help them because no one will hear them.

During a routine check-up on a malfunctioning satellite, Houston informs the crew of the space shuttle Explorer, to abort their mission due to a lethal wave of space debris approaching their position at an alarming accelerated rate. The debris reaches the shuttle and reaches it hard enough to send Dr. Stone spiraling away from the shuttle and the crew, forcing Kowalski to retrieve her.

The shuttle is destroyed, the remainder of the crew is dead, communication with Houston is shot, their oxygen supply is running out by the second and the thought of a rescue mission is nothing less than fantasy. Dr. Stone and Kowalski are stranded nearly 400 miles above the Earth and there is no help for them.

The only chance for Kowalski and Stone is to endeavor themselves to a space station hundreds of miles away from their position and hope that an escape pod to Earth is fully functional and operational and they have to work quickly otherwise the debris that destroyed their shuttle will return greater and more dangerous than ever.

“Gravity” takes a terrifying situation and turns it into a work of heart-racing beauty

This is the synopsis of Academy Award nominee Alfonso Cuarón’s (“Children of Men,” “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban”) visually arresting and stupendously executed, “Gravity.”

To say that “Gravity” is outstanding is an understatement. This motion picture is a rare cinematic experience that just grabs you and seizes every sense you invest in.

This motion picture is a triumph visually, aurally and sensationally. What you see, hear and experience is an exquisite experience from start to finish.

Alfonso and Jonas Cuarón’s (“Año Uña”) screenplay is rich with the materials necessary for Alfonso to breathe so much life and detail into what is seen on screen that it just blows the audience away. It is soaked with so much tension and suspense, the audience could hear a pin drop.

This movie should find itself well on the path to multiple technical Academy Award nominations for the cinematography, editing, sound, visual effects, and directing as well as a potential Best Picture nomination. The performances from Clooney and Bullock take something of a backseat to the overall scope and grandeur of the film, but when it comes down to it, the movie is still an overwhelmingly mesmerizing success.

“Gravity,” will frighten you, take your breath away and leave you stunned when it is over. Truly, one of 2013’s best films.


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