Movie of the week: Prisoners

Director Denis Villeneuve’s latest picture “Prisoners” takes the idea of how far a parent is willing to go in order to protect their child and blasts it onto the movie screen. Hugh Jackman’s character, Keller Dover, is facing a parent’s worst nightmare come to life as his six year old daughter Anna and her friend Joy, are missing. Their absence sends their families into a panic. Jake Gyllenhaal’s character, Detective Loki, spearheads the search for the girls and his only lead is a beaten up RV in the ownership of a Mr. Alex Jones, played by Paul Dano. Unfortunately, there is no evidence to suggest that Jones was involved, so the law dictates that Jones be set free, which forces Dover to take the initiative and take matters into his own hands, regardless of the consequences.

What am I expecting from “Prisoners”?: This resembles a true thriller with an edge. Screenwriter Aaron Guzikowski takes a very real subject and looks like it can thrive in a movie with a diverse and accomplished cast including Terrence Howard, Viola Davis, Maria Bello and Melissa Leo. Hugh Jackman looks like he is not going to pull any punches with this role for this character gives him a chance to show off his anger for a reason rather than be a constant grumpy-gus with metal claws. Denis Villeneuve has subject matter that is tough, gripping and scary and I hope he can pull this off and exceed expectations.


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