Movie of the week: The Family

Hey moviegoers, after a small break away from the movies, we’re back this week to take a peek into the world of what happens when a man turns against, “The Family.” Luc Besson, directs this dark comedy led by the iconic Robert De Niro as Brooklyn crime boss Fred Manzoni, who is now hiding in witness protection with his wife Maggie, played by Michelle Pfeiffer and their two children Warren and Belle, played by John D’Leo and Dianna Agron. There was a time in Manzoni’s life where he had it all and was living it up and that time came to an abrupt halt, when he started snitching on the syndicate. Fast forward and the Manzoni clan is in hiding in France, where their Case Agent Stansfield, played by Tommy Lee Jones, urges them to keep a low-profile. That’s better said than done for the family starts to drum up trouble, which in turn attracts a familiar crowd from New York. The Manzonis better stay one step ahead before the past catches up with them.

What am I expecting to see?: I doubt that this will garner attention from the Awards Circuits, but “The Family” with the venerable Robert De Niro as the lead with Michelle Pfeiffer and Tommy Lee Jones supporting, resembles an entertaining way to spend an afternoon at the movies. I think, the tagline “you can take the family out of the mob, but you can’t take the mob out of the family” is the core premise of the movie and Luc Besson seems to blend a dark yet humorous appeal to this movie. I expect “The Family” to be tough, smartly written with great performances all around.


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