Review: Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters

The sanctuary that protects the children of the Greek gods is dying and the son of Poseidon embarks on a quest to retrieve the only option to save it in director Thor Freudenthal’s (“Diary of a Wimpy Kid”) “Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters.”

Logan Lerman is the son of Poseidon in “Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters”

The title character, played by Logan Lerman (“The Three Musketeers”), is a few years more mature to the ways of the Greek gods and has become accustomed to the lifestyles provided by Camp Half-Blood, the only refuge for the demigods in the world created by the author Rick Riordan.

The source of the peace and safety of Camp Half-Blood? A tree that is born from the body of the daughter of Zeus, which acts as a barrier against the numerous forces of darkness that are capable of killing these special children. The protection that this tree provides is poisoned by the vengeful half-blood son of Hermes, Luke, played by Jake Abel (“I am Number Four”). Luke is still hellbent on destroying the gods of Olympus.

Percy’s friend Annabeth, played by Alexandra Daddario (“Texas Chainsaw”), believes that she has found a way to restore the barrier: the Golden Fleece, which is believed to heal anything it touches. Annabeth’s idea however has two flaws: it is located in what Bermuda Triangle, also known as the Sea of Monsters and Luke is after the Fleece as well for he needs it to carry out his endgame against the gods.

We will resurrect Kronos and the Olympians will know death“-Jake Abel as Luke

The Golden Fleece can resurrect the Titan Kronos, the father of Zeus, Hades and Poseidon and if Kronos is reborn, nothing will stop him from destroying Olympus and the world of mortals.

Percy takes it upon himself to find the Fleece and return it to Camp Half-Blood to restore the barrier before Luke gets to it first and he is accompanied by his friends Annabeth, Grover, played by Brandon T. Jackson (“Lottery Ticket”), and his long-lost half-brother Tyson, played by Douglas Smith (“Citizen Duane”) and his camp rival Clarisse, played by Leven Rambin (“The Hunger Games”). If Percy fails, the world will fall.

This band of half-bloods must retrieve and protect the Golden Fleece from the forces of darkness

“Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters” is a watered down time at the movies for children and adults alike. In a nutshell: this movie has no “wow” factor at all.

Marc Guggenheim’s screenplay does a nice job of trying to incorporate humor, drama, action and suspense but somehow, the entire package just doesn’t come together let alone leave a lasting impact among its audience. Thor Freudenthal’s direction certainly didn’t help matters as the film gave a valiant effort but couldn’t help but fall into the same trap as every movie with a Greek mythology theme has fallen into in the past: there was nothing in the material to take seriously and in the end it is quite simply boring.

There is no star-quality acting in this movie to be found as it is clearly intended for children more than it is for fans of the literary series and that could come back to bite this movie.

Lerman, Daddario, Jackson, Abel and the rest of the young actors all give safe performances. What continues to work against this movie is that veteran actors like Academy Award nominee Stanley Tucci (“The Lovely Bones”) Nathan Fillion (“Serenity”) and Anthony Head (“The Iron Lady”) hardly get any screen time at all to showcase what they bring to the table.

In all, “Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters” is not even worth its wait in saltwater. There is nothing divine or semi-divine about it; its mortality is on full display for the experienced moviegoer to see.

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