Review: Now You See Me

First rule of magic: always be the smartest person in the room“-Jesse Eisenberg as J. Daniel Atlas

Jesse Eisenberg (left), Isla Fisher (center-left), Woody Harrelson (center-right) and Dave Franco (right) are the Four Horsemen, in the new film “Now You See Me”

In the new film “Now You See Me,” director Louis Letterier pits a team of FBI agents against an opponent more formidable and complex than terrorists, hackers or mercenaries. FBI Agent Dylan Rhodes, played by Academy Award nominee Mark Ruffalo (“The Avengers,” “The Kids are All Right”), and Interpol agent Alma Dray, played by Melanie Laurent (“Inglourious Basterds”), lead a team to dismantle the efforts of a team of magicians.

The Four Horsemen are a magic act who have risen to prominence in one year. During a show in Las Vegas, before a live studio audience, J. Daniel Atlas, played by Academy Award nominee Jesse Eisenberg (“The Social Network”), Henley Reeves, played by Isla Fisher (“Confessions of a Shopaholic”),  Merritt McKinney, played by Academy Award nominee Woody Harrelson (“The Messenger,” “The Hunger Games”), and Jack Wilder, played by Dave Franco (“Warm Bodies”), took a member of the audience and teleported him to his bank, in Paris, and made off with at least 3 million Euros and showered it over their audience.

I don’t think I heard you correctly. Did you just say magicians robbed a bank?!“-Mark Ruffalo as Dylan Rhodes

Mark Ruffalo (right) and Melanie Laurent (left) team up to stop the Four Horsemen 

Their actions, though fantastical, have sparked a fire because the FBI have no clue how they did it and they aren’t about to accept the idea of magic as the reason as to how that money disappeared from that bank vault and into a Las Vegas auditorium in a span of minutes.

They consult with veteran magic-buster Thaddeus Bradley, played by Academy Award winner Morgan Freeman (“Million Dollar Baby,” “Invictus”), who is an expert when it comes to how magic acts are done and breaks them down step-by-step. Through consulting an extensive history of magic acts, Bradley comes to the conclusion that what the Horsemen pulled off in Vegas was only the beginning of their “Robin Hood” crusade.

The Four Horsemen are about to accomplish the trick/act of the century and unless the FBI can get one step ahead of them, there will be no stopping them from taking money from anyone; including their own benefactor Arthur Tressler, played by Academy Award winner Michael Caine (“The Cider House Rules,” “The Dark Knight”).

“Now You See Me,” is an amazing ride from start to finish and Louis Leterier’s best work to date.

With a great cast, story and direction, “Now You See Me” is  magical 

What you get in this suspenseful and ingeniously crafted suspense thriller is a complex game of cat-and-mouse on an extensive scale that truly challenges its audience. Screenwriters Boaz Yakin (“Remember the Titans, “Safe”), Ed Solomon (“Charlie’s Angels,” “Men in Black”) and Edward Ricourt really dived into the material needed to make this film convincing and provided Leterrier with the right pieces to make this movie a success.

The cast gets credit for bringing their own respective magic to this film. The entire ensemble truly fed off each other’s energy and even though their characters were polar opposites, the audience can’t help but root for and sympathize for all of them.

If a flaw had to be found in this movie it would be found in the camera work and the editing. During the action scenes and the chases and the fighting, the editing and the camera work can be a tad choppy while the scenes where the Horseman are putting on a show can be seamless and naturally flowing.

“Now You See Me,” isn’t perfect by any stretch for it can be too complicated at times when it comes to the subplots and breaking down the magic tricks but it is a good movie that will nourish the imagination of the audience. “Now You See Me,” needs to be seen in theaters because it can be as mesmerizing and complex as a magic show; it will keep you guessing from its dazzling beginning to its mind-blowing finish.

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