Movie of the week: Now You See Me

This week at the movies, Louis Letterier exhibits a thrilling spectacle featuring intrigue, deception and wondrous feats of prestidigitation. In the new film “Now You See Me,” a cat-and-mouse game with a Robin Hood-twist is unfolding and four skilled magicians, whose skills have seriously stepped up from the streets, are at the center of it all. The Four Horsemen have quickly become the greatest illusionists in the world and they are taking their talents and using them to lighten the wallets of corrupt businessmen but when the FBI gets involved, they not only have to use their slight of hand to put the decadent in their place and restore hope to the less fortunate, they have to use every trick they can to keep out of a prison cell.

What am I expecting to see?: On top of a great cast, including Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine, Mark Ruffalo and Isla Fisher, this looks to be a very intelligent and thought-provoking thriller. Louis Letterier is a veteran action filmmaker, so to step into a world of suspense, like in this feature, doesn’t seem like too much of a stretch for him. He also has veteran screenwriters Boaz Yakin and Ed Solomon driving the story along with screenwriter Edward Ricourt. There seems to be some substance behind this movie to really compliment the wonderful visuals seen in the film and it looks like an edge-of-your-seat style of film. “Now You See Me,” better be as mind-bending as a magic show otherwise, I’ll be disappointed for, on paper, it looks like the total package


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