Review: Zero Dark Thirty

September 11th 2001 became a day that America and the world would never forget as the actions of Osama bin Laden made him public enemy number one, sparking a ten year manhunt for the terrorist mastermind, chronicled in the latest film from Academy Award winning director Kathryn Bigelow (“The Hurt Locker”), “Zero Dark Thirty.”

Academy Award nominee Jessica Chastain (“The Help,” “The Debt”) stars as Maya, a CIA operative assigned to investigate the whereabouts of bin Laden and members of his Al Qaeda inner-circle.

Witness the greatest manhunt in history in “Zero Dark Thirty”

Maya’s decade-long crusade to find the mastermind behind 9-11 begins in the Middle East, interrogating potential terrorism suspects to the point of torture and ultimately ends with the discovery of a small compound, whose inhabitants have adopted an isolationist demeanor and satellite surveillance discovering that a man who does not leave the compound entirely but has ties to Al Qaeda operations being dispatched to several working operatives arouses extreme suspicion.

Maya is dead-set certain that the man in that compound is none other than bin Laden himself and if the CIA and US military act quickly, they can capture or possibly eliminate him and deal a crushing blow to terrorist operations.

“Zero Dark Thirty” is without question a relentless and intense motion picture delivered with raw and tenacious initiative.

Kathryn Bigelow is a master of the concept of “quiet tension,” delivering the moment at its purest level of realness and then BOOM! An action occurs that leaves audiences short of breath and jumping in their seats and “Zero Dark Thirty” carries this element in spades.

Bigelow and screenwriter Mark Boal have delivered another high-caliber motion picture worthy of Oscar-contention. Boal crafted a thriving and pulsing story based on dramatic and real-world events, crafted it into something of a one-woman show, Bigelow brought it to prosperous life.

Jessica Chastain is superb as Maya. She is the true driving force of the film and the supporting cast just perfectly compliments her character.

Kyle Chandler (“Super 8”), Mark Strong (“Sherlock  Holmes”), Joel Edgerton (“Warrior”) and Jason Clarke (“Lawless”) were all solid but were simply out shined by Chastain’s performance. Partly because they contributed to the purpose of her relentless and innovative character.

“Zero Dark Thirty” is a must-see film because the subject matter in the eyes of a visionary director such as Kathryn Bigelow is as real as it can get.


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