The #2 movie of 2012 is…


Daniel Day-Lewis is an odds-on favorite to win Best Actor for his portrayal of “Lincoln”

Synopsis: The final months of the life and presidential term of Abraham Lincoln, played by Academy Award winner Daniel Day-Lewis (“There Will Be Blood,” “Gangs of New York”) are the subject of the latest film from legendary director Steven Spielberg (“E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial,” “Schindler’s List”). The film centers around Lincoln’s crusade to abolish slavery through the passing of the 16th Amendment while providing a glimpse into Lincoln’s family life and personal struggles as he sits at the center of a storm of circumstances and ambition from his presidential cabinet to the war effort.

Why is this movie #2?: It is practically impossible to be harsh on a film as high-caliber as “Lincoln.” Steven Spielberg once again outdoes himself with a project that depicts one of the most prolific and iconic figures in the history of this country and there was no one better to portray the 16th Commander-in-Chief than master-class actor Daniel Day-Lewis. A great screenplay from Tony Kushner, fantastic supporting roles from Academy Award winners Sally Field (“Norma Rae”) and Tommy Lee Jones (“The Fugitive”), add to an overall surefire Oscar nomination-magnet. “Lincoln” is a first class motion picture from top-to-bottom.


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