Review: Django Unchained

D-J-A-N-G-O. The ‘D’ is silent.“-Jamie Foxx as Django Freeman

Jamie Foxx (right) and Christoph Waltz (left) are a helluva team in “Django Unchained”

Academy Award winner Jamie Foxx (“Ray,” “Miami Vice”) is a slave who pairs up with a German bounty hunter named King Schultz, played by Academy Award winner Christoph Waltz (“Inglourious Basterds”) on a quest for love and retribution in the latest film from Academy Award winning director Quentin Tarantino (“Pulp Fiction,” “Kill Bill”), “Django Unchained.”

Two years prior to the Civil War, Foxx’s character Django agrees to terms with Schultz to locate the Brittle brothers so Schultz can collect the bounty placed on their heads and in exchange for Django’s services, Schultz will ensure Django’s freedom from slavery and locate and free Django’s wife Broomhilda, played by Kerry Washington (“The Last King of Scottland,” “Ray”).

After spending a winter training Django in the practice of bounty hunting, they confirm that Broomhilda is under the ownership of Monsieur Calvin J. Candie, played by Academy Award nominee Leonardo DiCaprio (“The Departed,” “Blood Diamond”), a ruthless yet charismatic Southern gentlemen who enjoys all the leisure that slavery brings him in his plantation known as Candie Land. Candie is assisted by his right-hand-black-man Stephen, played by Academy Award nominee Samuel L. Jackson (“Pulp Fiction”) who sees the events that Calvin is too preoccupied to notice on Candie Land.

Django and Schultz must play things cool in order to deliver Broomhilda from captivity otherwise things are going to get hot and barrels will be blazing in Candie Land.

Leonardo DiCaprio can add another amazing role to his already exceptional resume as Monsieur Calvin Candie

Gentlemen, you had my curiousity. Now you have my attention.”-Leonardo DiCaprio as Calvin Candie.

A completely original and unconventional story that is graphic to the highest degree, over-the-top bloody violence and a plot laced with the theme of revenge. Can it get anymore vintage Tarantino than “Django Unchained”?

Pound for pound and minute for minute, this movie holds the audience and never lets go. This is perhaps the best Quentin Tarantino film to date and one of the best pictures of the year for its bold and ambitious stance against the idea of slavery and the fact that it fires on all cylinders from every level of production possible.

The mind of Quentin Tarantino must be a fun place to visit but a dangerous place to live. Having said that, Tarantino took his screenplay and put it on the screen in the most outstanding way possible.

His vision for this movie couldn’t have been better and he deserves every best original screenplay nomination, best director nomination and best picture nomination in the industry for his work on “Django Unchained.”

“Django Unchained” will reap a lot of award nominations in the upcoming weeks.

The cast of the film was absolutely stupendous. Jamie Foxx played the role of Django superbly, Christoph Waltz was amazing once again under Tarantino’s direction but the combination of DiCaprio and Jackson stole the show. The two actors at times, outshine both lead actors and delivered powerful performances.

This movie was completely off-the-chain and it is difficult to find any faults anywhere. The violence may be a bit overkill and the nude scenes may be brief but unnerving but Tarantino’s genius on the subject and the detail and dedication he went threw in researching the subject was worth it completely.

“Django Unchained” may not be for the squeamish but for the devout moviegoer who can handle the grit and brutality of the film while savoring the high quality and intense drama of the feature, this movie will leave everyone in awe. One of the best films of the year.

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